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What the film is about:

The Psychological Drama, titled "Mind of Thoughts”, explores the power of the universal mind through Elle Davis, a young artist struggling to break free from destructive thoughts.

The moment her thoughts come to life, her internal and external life turn upside down. Wanting to prove that she is able take her life in her own hands, Elle hides her struggles from others, including her partner.

Yet as Elle encounters Ms. Margret, a highly-regarded artist, Elle’s deepest fears and greatest desires get fuelled.

When Elle does something she isn’t allowed to do, Ms. Margret takes Elle to an abandoned place where Elle is challenged to take a giant leap of faith that will impact her whole life.

the plan:

Directional Tone and Cinematography is influenced by The Beguiled (Sofia Coppola), The Tragedy of Macbeth (Joel Coen), Big Little Lies (Jean-Marc Vallée), Nine Perfect Strangers (Jonathan Levine), and Peter Lindbergh's photography.

Written and Directed by Charlotte Verminck.

The film will be shot in Belgium/France.

mission of the film:

Mind of Thoughts sheds a light on what few people ever speak about, mental health and the acceptance of failure. It takes a great mental toll to create, and often the bigger the project, the more pressure is on the line and the toll can become too much to levy. We have seen this from the greatest creative minds all over the world, from Ernest Hemmingway to Vincent Van Gogh.

Our hope is that anyone who watches this film understands more about the creative struggle and its mental toll. Creatives, both established and emerging, all suffer the same doubt, the same questions of self worth, and the battles of the mind. This is a reminder you are not alone.

Next to the topic of the film, Charlotte Verminck's vision as a filmmaker is to put as many creative people with ambition on the map as possible. She wants to give people who have a passion for their craft the opportunity to grow and live their dreams.

Therefore, the film will have its own in-person premiere where an official Behind The Scenes Documentary will also be shown. In addition, the short film will get submitted to various international film festivals to maximise its worldwide exposure.

We're looking for people who who want to be a part of a loving, dynamic, and safe work family.

we're looking for:


  • WHAT? Creative students in the private art school of a highly regarded artist

  • AGE? 16 - 40y

  • WHERE? MAAK Art Academy Knokke (Van Steenestraat 9, 8300 Knokke-Heist)

  • LANGUAGE? English

  • CLOTHING? You'll be asked to bring your own clothes. Our stylist will help you choose a suitable outfit. 

In return, you will be invited to the exclusive premiere of the film in the cinema with drinks & will be mentioned on the final credits of the film.


Join us on this exciting ride!

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